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Some days you just have to play

..... the last couple of days are just that!

As we work to develop and build our portfolio and this business there is a huge learning curve which has to happen but some days you just have to get out the sketchbook, stop, breathe and play and see what happens along the way.

One of my current assignments involves using found objects and this creates an opportunity to go back to basics and explore mark making ..... something I was hellishly weak on in the early days of my studies and which consequentially gets revisited from time to time.

It is remarkable what effects and marks a small and seemingly insignificant acorn can do ..... other than grow into an ancient oak that forms our logo or the small 3 year old we have grown.

It was freeing mentally to just let the acorn do its thing by pushing it gently, after dipping in paint, and letting it curve or move naturally - to me this reminds a little of Jackson Pollock's work but with no underlying concept or idea other than exploration.

The second 'sketch' was done in a similar manner but this time using a small pine cone - the resulting marks are more defined and feel more textural but perhaps more controlled too. To create distinct marks or patterns took a little more pressure on the pine cone but by varying that pressure you are able to create a greater range of possibilities.

This seems a really simple exploration but as I have learnt during my ongoing studies sometimes it is the simple things that can produce new ideas or concepts. Going back to basics is also useful to revisit to refresh memories on lessons learnt particularly as we go further into our degrees - those early lessons provide the very foundation for everything we do both in our studies and obviously as part of this business and our future plans.

As part of the learning curve new foundation stones are being laid as we learn the secrets of Photoshop - play and exploration now take on new meanings as we are able to do this without the restrictions of coursework.

It is fascinating to be able to play with composition or differing lighting or contrast effects or simply having fun with colour in ways that I cannot achieve in my sketchbooks - this in turn will no doubt produce new ideas to take forward into our work which can be adapted to suit the differing media we use.

To stop any specific art work of any nature and to take the time to breathe and play has blown a breath of fresh air through our desks and work areas and will now be incorporated into our regular routine even if just on a monthly or twice monthly basis - just time to stop, review and see how freely exploring or playing can create new concepts that we had not considered.

Simple lessons learnt today - just by stopping and playing.

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