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Welcome to our newly revamped and rebranded website!!

Welcome and hello again ..... we are the business formerly known as Sakura Art & Textiles.

During the course of this year we have been in a process of critically reviewing  and reflecting on what we have been doing in the last 4 years or so, what we would like to do differently and what we want to achieve.   Consequentially we have been in a period of product and artistic development for a period of several months and there is no doubt our joint degree studies have been a huge impact on our personal and artistic voices with the realisation of where our specialities and interests both personally and professionally lie.

What has been a huge surprise is the influence of architectural structures whether natural or man-made on our artistic and academic voices both in terms of the history and due to their use as analogies and metaphors within our work.  We also have renewed interest in a joint love of calligraphy and text although this is still an area very much in the developmental stages. 

Our work now concentrates on themes and concepts of dilapidation, distortion and destruction which provide the material for exploring the above-mentioned variety metaphors and analogies but in order to create a calming balance we are continuing to also work on a smattering of more natural themes including those of escaping in nature and floral studies. 

In order to create both differing areas of our work we are starting to explore eco-dyeing our own fabrics and yarns where possible although currently some Procion dyes are being used as this area is very much in its infancy - the plan is eventually that all fabrics and yarns will be both natural and organically dyed and we hope that this will feed into the art materials including paint and paper too.

Finally, why the change of name? our original name of Sakura A&T had connotations and inferences of Japanese inspired art which was originally part of our long term business plan.  We batted around many names but due to the significance of 3 oak trees throughout my life we felt that oak trees represented strength, growth and are of course nature's architecture as well as of course the simple fact that they have been used as a building material through the ages.

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