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Wow what a week this has been!

Today is our 1 week 'rebranded' birthday as exactly 1 week ago at this very moment we were literally just finalising the new name with only a rough idea on how we wanted our new logo to look! As can be imagined a considerable amount of work took place and before we knew it we had set up new selling and social media sites such as Redbubble, Folksy, Facebook and Instagram with the final touch being the ordering of our new business cards - with the latter we give a huge shout out to Banana Print whose customer service, website and ease of order plus speed of delivery in adorable packaging were second to none (designed and ordered on Tuesday and delivered by Thursday!).

As can be seen the business cards look pretty awesome if we say so ourselves, and we hope you like them, but oh boy for Photoshop almost-basic-beginners they were a BIG learning curve but one that will no doubt prove incredibly useful in our artistic endeavours and the day to day running of Wylde Oake .... but I have never been so grateful to YouTube for all the available tutorials as without them this would look so much plainer!

The rest of the week has been taken up with day to day administration and completing our reorganisation but finally yesterday we took the day off to go out to the Peak District, not far from we live, and where happily phone reception is almost non-existent so perfect for a wonderfully relaxing afternoon! The reappearance of the sun and the onset of the bank holiday weekend did mean it was a little crowded but the beauty of the area is at the heart of any 'escapism in nature' themed pieces of art or textiles work we do. Any time there is time well spent as even though we are officially taking time off, photos and brief 10 minute sketches always provide later inspiration plus it gives us the chance to just sit down and enjoy the view in front of us.

One of the most beautiful things about yesterday was a lime tree in Ilam Park - we thought we had missed its flowering completely and although it was almost over there were enough flowers for the scent to still be intoxicating ..... this was one of those occasions where you wish the technology was there so that you could capture smells so that they could emanate out from your blog as I would so love to be able to share it with you. As you looked up into or through the canopy the late afternoon sun shone through the leaves creating the most beautiful dappled light whilst still giving an area to sit with much appreciated shade - the range of delicate greens of the leaves was incredibly pretty and I guess now I really need to work on one of my weakest areas of sketching and painting over the approaching autumn and winter i.e. leaves and trees as I would love to revisit this tree over the seasons and capture its beauty.

The whole area around Ilam Park is one of our favourite spots - gentle to walk and plenty of places to sit, particularly as I have osteoarthritis and other joint conditions, which gives added excuses to sketch of course! Frustratingly despite our focus on dilapidation I find sketching buildings that are still structurally sound eludes me .... I much prefer decay or buildings tumbling into ruins as these allow more artistic expression if you are not into realism - you can capture the essence or your interpretation rather than creating a more exact representation. The image on the left of part of Ilam Hall itself was taken just near the lime tree as the sun shone through the tree at exactly the right moment but it also hides a little secret - one with long ears who was quietly enjoying the late afternoon peace and was quite happy for us to watch him for quite some time. This small area of the park created a rare opportunity for me to get some decent photos of the resident bunnies as normally the moment I get my camera out they scarper!

Overall, yesterday was a much, much needed day in which we could reflect on what we have achieved with our re-branding and also discuss ideas or concepts which we want to take forward both in our work and on ongoing degree studies and also simply to relax.

Feeling refreshed today the paint brushes and sketchbooks have been picked up and new lessons are being learnt with Photoshop and various other tools that will help us take Wylde Oake forward - but not without a decent Magnum icecream to refresh ourselves in the slightly unexpected but very welcome heat that has reminded us all that we are actually in summer rather than late autumn after the weather we have had in recent weeks!

Have a great week everyone ....

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