We are an artist partnership founded in our combined interests of history, whether classical or modern,  art history and the natural environment which all create influences that eventually lead to us studying textile and history degrees and this business.

Our work crosses boundaries of fine art, fashion, sculpture and textile art  creating wall art and sculptural pieces through ongoing investigations and explorations into the contorted forms of decay and dilapidation inspired by natural and man-made forms. Current themes and influences include the beauty of contorted faded blooms, fungi and the natural decay beneath our feet in woodlands, dilapidated country houses or theatres that nature seeks to reclaim - the oft ignored charm and appeal of decay creates metaphors for change and new life.
In addition the investigation of the  highly constructed undergarments representative of the distorted idealised female figure and the gilded cage of aristocratic women has been a natural offshoot of our work inspired by the aforementioned once grand country houses - the resulting work invites the viewer to consider historical issues that affect the contemporary woman. 
The above themes are often separate narratives but also combine to create very tactile and beautiful pieces of wall art or textile sculpture. but whether working on a historical subject or the natural world the primary focus is the passing of time and the delicate beauty of ageing.  Time, age or decay are all represented by a softly muted palette and the tactility of stitched and distressed spunbonded fabrics in a mixed media process.  Contextual research, sketchbooks, photography and a wonderfully magpie like collection of faded flora  are at all the core of our work whether in a research through making or design led process. 
But who is our market?  in essence it is you - the person reading this.  We are aiming to appeal to all through the generation of art work, textile art work, prints and cards aimed at the home decor and gift  market as well as commission made pieces. 

In addition we are aiming to create installations pieces to exhibit in galleries and outdoor spaces when the current pandemic allows.