We are an artist partnership achieving life long dreams.... 

'Give me the 7 year old and I will show you the adult' - this rings very true for myself as aged 7 I wanted to be an artist so it may have taken a few decades but finally I am living that dream.

Life and meeting each other eventually lead me to Open College of the Arts and the opportunity to do a BA Honours Textiles degree and my fiance and partner to the Open University and a Classical History Degree.  


My own personal voice has been evolving throughout my studies and will continue to do so but is now concentrating on themes and concepts surrounding dilapidation, distortion and destruction either directly or as metaphors and analogies particularly with regards to architectural structures either modern or ancient.  I also continue to have smatterings of my love of fauna and flora which portray the gentler, calmer side of life and indeed our personalities. 

My fiance's own classical history studies and our joint love of art history bring new ideas and influences to the table that will be seen throughout our work - again ever evolving as new lines of enquiry and imagery emerge.

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