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Botanical to Conceptual

Welcome to the window of our practice!
Within one collection soft pastel is delicately and intricately worked into representations of fungal forms through close observation of photographs taken in the field, or used with kind permission. Each piece seeks to evoke memories of time spent in the natural environment whilst inviting the viewer to marvel at the beauty of this vast kingdom.
Within another the viewer is asked to consider their own perceptions of their human-fungal relationships within our contemporary world whilst looking forward to a speculative Mycocenic future in which we ask, not what they can do for us, but what we can do for them....
... and within a third colour becomes the focus as the viewer sees the world through an artist's eye! Familiar forms and concepts are played with albeit utilising colours that, I would like to say, not seen within nature but nature herself provides the inspiration. Expect the unexpected within the collection but also expect harmonisation and a gentle sense of familiarity as pieces within either the botanical or conceptual collections are re-imagined.
The fourth is quite simple - the woodlands and ecosystems in which fungal fruiting bodies are found: this is the place of sanctuary where the artist seeks to find peace and evoke memories of the smells only found in certain parts of woodlands and clusters of fungi are found. Each piece seeks to enable the immersion of ourselves within the natural world.
..... and finally....
..... there will be a fifth.....

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