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The Conceptual Series (2) of our Photographic Soft Pastel Art collection captures the ethereal beauty of nature in a unique way. This series features stunning images of hands holding small fungi, with the mycelium seemingly growing through them and reaching down to the forest floor. These surreal and dream-like images seek to question our relationships with the natural world around us.

Conceptual Series (2)

  • Small:  Print size:  125 x 90 mm within a 203 x 152 mm off white mount.

    Digital satin prints in off white mount:  print size: 200 x 250 mm with mount size: 255 x 305 mm (standard 10 x 12 inch)

    Digital satin prints in off white mount:  print size 235 x 345 mm with mount size:  510 x 410 mm (standard 20 x 16 inch)

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