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Look Closely is an extraordinary piece of soft pastel artwork that is highly complex and intricately rendered. This artwork features a human brain which is intertwined with fungi, giving the impression of growth and decay. At the center of the image is an eye, which draws the viewer in and invites them to look closer. The hands holding the brain add an element of mystery and provoke questions about our relationship with our surroundings. This artwork is a unique and thought-provoking addition to any art collection.

Look Closely - a highly complex, unique piece of soft pastel artwork

  • Original soft pastel size:  400 x 300 mm in 510 x 410 mm off white mount. 

    Limited edition giclee archival quality print:  printed area:  220 x 335 mm with mount size:  510 x 410 mm (standard 20 x 16 inch)

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