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Introducing the stunning Scarlet Bouquet - a beautiful piece of art that captures the intricate beauty of Scarlet Elfcups, a personal favorite of the artist. Their vibrant red cups seem to signal the arrival of spring, bringing an end to the winter season. This exquisite artwork is skillfully created using soft pastel and pastel pencil, bringing to life the delicate details of these fungal forms as they cluster together on a mossy, decaying log. The Scarlet Bouquet is a truly mesmerizing piece that celebrates the vivid colors and natural wonders found in the world around us. 

Scarlet Bouquet

  • Original framed artwork: art size 180 x 240 mm in 210 x 295 mm off white mount.

    Digital laser prints in off white mount: Print size: 200 x 250 mm with mount size: 255 x 305 mm (standard 10 x 12 inch)

    Greetings cards: 150 x 210 mm (A5) with envelope

    Greetings cards:  105 x 148 mm (A6) with envelope


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