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Step into the world of the artist with our Through the Eye of the Artist series (4). This collection features a captivating exploration of perception and beauty, showcasing a reversal and intensifying of the colors of an Amanita mushroom and the artist's own eye. The result is a striking piece that asks the viewer to look again at the beauty they see before them, challenging their understanding of the world around them. Each piece in this series is a unique and entrancing look at the world through the lens of the artist's eye, perfect for any art lover looking to add a touch of mystery and depth to their collection. 

Through the Eye of the Artist series (4)

  • Original soft pastel size:  400 x 300 mm in 510 x 410 mm off white mount. 

    Giclee archival quality print:  printed area 235 x 350 mm with mount size:  410 x 510 mm (standard 20 x 16 inch)

    Satin in off white mount:Print size: 200 x 250 mm with mount size: 255 x 305 mm (standard 10 x 12 inch)

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